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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using Suai-A-Ka Services. We will provide our members with convenient e-commerce services based on these terms and conditions below (collectively, this "Agreement"). To protect your right, please read the Agreement carefully. Once you sign up or use the Suai-A-Ka Services, you are considered to read, understand, and agree with the Agreement. Also, you are deemed to agree with the privacy policy as below.

If you don't agree with the Agreement totally or partially, please do not sign up and do not use the Suai-A-Ka Services. The conditions of the Agreement are mentioned below.

1. Member's information

a. Please sign up on our website and provide correct personal information before you use the Suai-A-Ka Services. You don't need to pay for signing up. If your information changes, please update it to protect your right. If the member doesn't update personal information correctly, they may not receive the newest information from the website, such as member right or promotion events. In this situation, it will be considered that the member has already gotten the relevant information.

b. Privacy statement: Members' personal information is protected and regulated by the privacy policy on the website.

2. Changes in the services

The member agrees that Suai-A-Ka can adjust, change, modify, or end the services and the Agreement by announcing an update with no further notice.

The rights and obligations of the member due to participating activities of Suai-A-Ka and using e-commerce on this website are subject to the latest revised version of the Agreement.

3. Privacy policy

To provide a complete service and protect members' personal information, we inform you of the following according to the Personal Data Protection Act (collectively, the "PDPA").

a. The use of personal information

To provide members the newest information about products, services, discounts, and events, and manage the members' information effectively, hold the researches about our services, consumer satisfaction and consumption statistics (collectively, the "Collecting Purpose"), we collect, process, and use your personal information. It includes the information that you provide while signing up on the website, and your consumption data and other information that you agree to offer in the future. Inside the scope of the Collecting Purpose, we may provide your total or partial personal information to our cooperative company.

For example, when the member uses the Suai-A-Ka service to buy products online, we need to cooperate with the courier to deliver it. Therefore, when the member completes the online consumption, it means that the member agrees and authorizes us to provide their personal information, like name, address, and phone numbers, to our cooperative delivery company to deliver the products.

b. Announcement

You agree to use electronic documents as the method to consent to the exercise of the PDPA. If you don't agree to provide your personal information or ask for deleting or stopping collecting, processing your personal information, please understand that we would not verify your member qualification or not offer you complete online services.

4. Governing law and dispute resolution

The member shall comply with the Agreement and the rules announced on this website and relevant websites. The transactions of all products and matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions shall be handled by the law of the Republic of China (Taiwan). In case of disputes, Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court shall be the court of the first instance.